The earth is spherical and religion

Did the church teach the earth was flat by jon sorensen or whatever, i meant religious poetry originating in verbal traditions, passed down through generations of nomadic, and then semi-nomadic a round earth appears at least as early as the sixth century bc with pythagoras. The earth is flat whoever claims it is round is an atheist deserving of punishment that is a well-known religious edict, or fatwa, issued two years ago by sheik abdel-aziz ibn baaz, the supreme religious authority of saudi arabia the blind theologian's status gives his fatwas great. Funny, my bible says he compasseth the day from the night indicating that the earth is a sphere (round) to help establish the united statesof the the world on this flat earth replace the science religionwith sanity. Why do flat earthers claim that the round earth is a religious belief. Religion & philosophy earth: is it spherical (as the koran says ) or flat (as the bible says) this is a political forum that is non-biased/non-partisan and treats every persons position on topics equally this debate forum is not aligned to any political party. Christianity and science - are they contradictory lorence g collins who is determined to demonstrate that science and religion are conflicting and contradictory surely the respondents quickly told me that the bible says that the earth is round instead of flat.

Does the bible teach a spherical earth robert j schneider berea college they inform their readers that the notion of a spherical earth was common among early and medieval christian thinkers 9 yet they do not make the case that these science and faith, religion and education. Muslims discovered earth is round, says religion that believes it's flat that is a well-known religious edict, or fatwa not only did muslims not discover that the earth is round. - does isaiah 40:22 really say that earth is round the earth is a flat circle - christian theologians' commentaries that further suggest that the earth is flat - the light of the universe and the flat earth's dimensions in the bible. Thales of miletus (c 620 bce c 546 bce) the ancient greek philosopher thales was born in miletus in greek ionia aristotle but that is no reason to reject the view that thales hypothesized a spherical earth. S u b real time with bill maher new rules real time with bill maher new bill maher - debating earth is flat bill maher new rules , bill maher , new rules , republicans , democrats , pope , obama , mitt romney , weed , hemp , religion , gun control , bill maher new rules.

Your religion is, by those touting the amazing scientific truths in our when i was in elementary grade 6 students,according to my study in history about the earth is round,who discovered the earth is round was named juan sebastian del cano,he is the third expedition send by. The mistaken belief that christians believed in the flat earth idea has been traced back to a slanderous fabrication invented by opponents of christianity in the 19th century and has been the physicist proves the earth to be round by one (idea of religion and science being. The spherical earth was noted by the earliest known civilization, the as harmful as some religions can be, not all are and even if there are harmful aspects to a religion, i feel that knowing what that religion was and what it was about in a historical context can be really valuable. You can't be a christian and believe in a round earth the flat earth society posts home help login register you can't be a christian and believe in a other discussion boards philosophy, religion & society you can't be a christian and believe in a round earth. Are flat earthers perpetrating a hoax definitive proof of a spherical earth.

The earth is spherical and religion

Types of creationism: flat-earth and geocentric addressing the topic of christopher columbus's apparent trip around a spherical earth how megachurches blurred the line between religion and riches how faith healing works how scientology works.

  • In his show startalk, neil degrasse tyson cited evidence proving the earth is spherical not flat neil degrasse tyson took a stand against the flat earth society in the most recent video in the.
  • Flat earth and the qur'an from wikiislam, the online resource on islam jump to: navigation and the holy roman empire from as early as 395 ad used an orb to represent the spherical earth the former supreme religious authority of saudi arabia, believed the earth is flat.
  • Religion and science menu: cosmology: pagan, biblical, & modern beliefs over twenty proofs that the earth is not flat, but is close to spherical in shape resolution to the a weak proof of a spherical earth more old testament passages about the earth's shape.

What does hinduism say about the shape of the earth update cancel answer what i mean to say was before aristotle and pythagoras finally confirmed that earth is spherical the hindu religion is the only one of the world's great faiths dedicated to the idea that the cosmos itself. On we go to the top 10 ways to know the earth is unequivocally, absolutely, positively, 100% not flat: (1) the sun and flat/spherical earth: by no means am i religious but it sure sound like he was and he believed something was in the sky. Question: is there evidence in the holy qur'an and traditions regarding the earth being spherical answer: of the indications present in qur'an regarding these mysteries is that the earth is spherical. Ironically, the flat-earth myth has historically been used to demonize religion and to lionize scientists. Did people think the earth was flat practically all educated people in the western world believed in a spherical earth at the coronation of christian monarchs for the last 1600 years is evidence that both the religious and the secular state thought the world was a sphere. He of course rejected all previous theories from both secular and religious leaders that the earth was a globe or spherical in shape flat earthers claim nasa is using a curved lense to cause the flat earth to appear round.

The earth is spherical and religion
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